North East - Brazil

Strong wind and tropical water

The water is 25 degrees, the air temperature 28 to 30. Because of your speed it feels like 23 and that is just perfect. We tried and tested and we dare say: these kite-conditions are just right. Add to that constant winds that increase every day a bit as we move up the coast. And the safety of currents that bring you back to the beach.. Do we need to say more ?

We all know the speed of a kite going downwind; imagine how it feels to do this several hours without needing to stop and without needing to work your way back upwind to get back to your starting point. Imagine the speed and the waves and then imagine the comfort of doing that wearing just your bermuda and a lycra.

Ocean waves and flat water lagoons

We are talking 1000 km of good kite-surfing beaches with good kite surfing conditions. And that means: the best places among those create a new level of 'good Kitespot': after kiting there once, you will want to come back. We understand. We do that all the time. And, more importantly, several of our guests do.

Beaches are predominantly empty sandy beaches, often lined with palm trees and some low dunes. We know how to take you to some perfect deserted flat water lagoons, hidden just past the dunes. There are stretches of long, rolling waves and patches with strong and high ones.

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