Downwind Kite Safari

What is a downwind kitesafari?

A downwind kitesafari brings you the adventure of doing a several days-long ongoing downwinder along the tropical and largely deserted sandy beaches of Ceará, Piaui and Maranhão in North Brazil. And it comes with the service and support to make it a truly enjoyable tour with a minimum of worries and plenty of new things to see and experience.

Lots and lots of kitesurfing

Every day we do a downwinder or kite at the best and nicest spots, empty lagoons or rivermouths. We are kiters ourselves and have been exploring these beaches for several years. We are happy to show you the best kite spots.

The Tours

Choose between different tracks from Cumbuco to Atins. The tour Cumbuco to Jericoacoara offers more than 120 pure downwind kilometers and the best wavespots. Cross the next state Piaui and explore the third biggest riverdelta in the world, Delta do Parniba. You will cross 3 states and kite in total 278 km if you kite the whole track all the way from Cumbuco until Atins.

Your Kite Level

This kind of downwind trips is for those that have at least a medium level of experience as a kite surfer. To enjoy it the most, make sure you are fit and your material is in good shape. The most important thing you have to know when you do a downwinder is how to ride toeside/switch - to kite downwind parallel to the beach.